BizTalk Server 2016 goes GA

Today marks several milestones on the history of BizTalk, it was released originally around this time in 2000 and the latest version has gone into General Availability.

There is a long list of what is new in BizTalk Server 2016, the complete list can be found here, I will highlight the one that will be […]

SSIS Packages to Help Management BizTalk Server Environments

Over the years working with BizTalk Server I have discovered a couple of things that have been left out of the base BizTalk Server Product, the 1st and foremost is that the Backup BizTalk Server SQL Agent job does not delete the backup files, it has a step to delete the backup history from […]

Update to BizTalk DeleteBackupHistoryandFiles SSIS package for SQL 2012

I have recently discovered an issue with the DeleteBackupHistoryandFiles SSIS package around the scripting tasks used in the package, I have update the package to work with SQL 2012 and the new package can be found in Downloads.


BizTalk 2010 XML Polling with WCF-SQL Adapter

One of the feature that came with the WCF-SQL Adapter was the ability to XML polling from SQL. Anyone that remembers the original SQL adapter from BizTalk remembers the requirement for all the data returned from SQL to have the FOR XML AUTO added to the end of the query and the XMDATA added to […]

Update to Stored Procedure to delete Backup BizTalk Server SQL Agent backup files

Since BizTalk 2004 there has been an issue with the Backup BizTalk Server SQL Agent job (this is the only supported way to backup the BizTalk Server Databases), the issue is that the job never deletes the backup files it creates. There is a step in the job that clears the backup history table in […]

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