Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012

If you are interested in how Microsoft has changed Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012, you need to watch todays TechEd US sessions from Jeff Woolsey.



I think these change are a real game changer in the Virtualization Landscape, lookout VMware.


Good to Hear Scott Guthrie mention BizTalk when we was talking about the new Azure IaaS

Today at TechEd US in Orlando, it was good to hear Scott Guthrie during his foundation session: Windows Azure Today and Tomorrow, mention BizTalk as a possible workload that could be hosted in the new Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) feature released last week. The new IaaS feature opens many possibilities for those workloads […]

BizTalk 2010 XML Polling with WCF-SQL Adapter

One of the feature that came with the WCF-SQL Adapter was the ability to XML polling from SQL. Anyone that remembers the original SQL adapter from BizTalk remembers the requirement for all the data returned from SQL to have the FOR XML AUTO added to the end of the query and the XMDATA added to […]

Issues with Tracking causing high CPU usage on BizTalk SQL Server (Additional Info)

Since the 1st occurrence of this issue (Issues with Tracking causing high CPU usage on BizTalk SQL Server), I have had 2 other clients with similar issues, each with different root causes. The key finding about these issues is that it is not obvious what the problem is from the initial problem determination, one […]

Creating TMG Firewall Rules for Azure Service Bus

As Mexia starts doing more and more Azure work, I am getting asked more frequently about firewall rules for accessing the Azure Service Bus.

At first this seemed a weird question to me, to communicate with Azure Service Bus it is all outbound traffic, but more and more companies lately are restricting outbound traffic, for […]

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