Doing BizTalk Coding with a Tablet PC

Posted: April 23, 2007  |  Categories: BizTalk Development Uncategorized
Well I have been traveling heaps lately, I have a 4 week schedule that has me doing 12 flights, but that is not the point of this post, I was on a flight home last Friday night and I really wanted to finish working on a BizTalk error handling orchestration, so out came the Toshiba M4 tablet and even though I had a empty seat beside me, with the people in front having the seats reclined, I just could not use the keyboard, so I decided to try BizTalk programming with the pen, and as crazy as it sounds I could do most things I needed to do, I did need to key in a few things, but I found the items I needed and did some cut and past.

Now this makes my decision about what laptop to get in June when my Toshiba M4 is due to be replaced, I had pretty well decided on going with a Dell 820, full spec’d out, but now I am thinking more and more about another tablet pc, so time to start having some more looks.

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