I have renamed Windows Azure to Windows “Light Blue”

Posted: November 24, 2008  |  Categories: Azure Uncategorized
Today while setting down at the ISV Innovation Day at Microsoft in Melbourne and looking at the agenda, I thought about all the technology around Windows Azure and what it really means to developers.

Since returning from the US I having spent the last couple of weeks since PDC digesting the Windows Azure announcement and talk to other developers about Windows Azure, the most asked question so far is “how do you pronounce Azure?”.

So I think from now on I am going to start calling Windows Azure, Windows “Light Blue”, so that the questions about it can concentrate on the neat technology in it and not what it is called.

Over the Christmas holidays I am going to go through all the webcasts and PDC videos and try to collect all the different pronunciations of Windows Azure to prove my point, so stay tuned.


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