Long Time No Activity

Posted: April 22, 2010  |  Categories: General Uncategorized

A combination of a busy schedule and a broken DNN site (upgrade from 4.9 to 5.0 failed) meant that I have not been able to post any new entries to my blog. My DNN site is now fix and moved from a shared hosting provide to my own virtual server on RackSpaceCloud.

As most of you would also be aware of during my period of blog inactivity I have changed jobs, I am now a Mentor for SolidQ Australia (www.solidq.com.au) and some people have mistakenly assumed that moving to a SQL centric consultancy meant that I would not long be doing BizTalk work, but that is wrong I am concentrating on the integration space where SQL and BizTalk exist happily together. My background before doing BizTalk work was primarily integration work around CRM and Accounting systems with SQL and .Net.  So if you have any Consulting or Training requirements around BizTalk or SQL please contact me at bchesnut @ SolidQ (dot) com.


Bill Chesnut


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