Introduction to Azure Service Bus in the Preview Portal

Posted: October 24, 2012  |  Categories: Azure Uncategorized
Recently Microsoft has added the Service Bus to the Preview (new) Portal and has added several new features, I will provide you with an introduction to the portal and the new features.

In the portal you can see all of the Service Bus name spaces that I have defined, which subscription they belong to and the location


If I select one of the name spaces, I can see all the Queues, Topics and Relays under that namespace, including the type, current size and max size


When I open a topic, you are presented the the Dashboard, showing the size and incoming messages, I also see some details about the topic down the right side, including “View Connection String”, the connection string now seem like the preferred method to connect to the service bus.


When I click on the “View Connection String” link, I am presented with the connection string, similar to the SQL Databases.  I could then copy this string and use it to connect to my Service Bus Namespace.


When I select the monitor tab, I see more details about the size and incoming message activity, at the bottom of this screen there is a button to “Add Metrics” to see additional information


When I click on the “Add Metrics” button, here are the metrics I can add


if I expand the individual metrics I get a list of the subscriptions, this topic has 600 subscriptions, but there does not seem to be a way to scroll this list, there is a search feature on the title line.


When I select the Subscriptions tab, I get a list of all of the subscriptions, including the message count, which in the past has been difficult and time consuming to get. There is also a Create button, to create a new subscription


When I click the “Create” button I am present with the following 2 screen to create a subscription, but it does not seem to have anywhere to add the filter



The last one that I will look at is the Relay

When I select the Relays tab, you are presented with this screen, monitoring of the Relays are possible but you cannot create them from the Portal

Well I hope that this give you an introduction to the capabilities now available in the Preview Portal for working with the Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics and Relays.

Also, Be on top of messaging issues with proactive monitoring of Azure Service Bus dead-letter messages across multiple Queues and Topic Subscriptions.

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