OLE DB or ODBC error: Login failed for user–Deploying BAM Activities

Posted: July 27, 2016  |  Categories: General Uncategorized

After you have setup a new BizTalk server and start deploying BAM Activities, in this case Microsoft.BizTalk.ESB.BAM.Exceptions.xml which has a Cube that needs to be deployed into the BAM OLAP Database, you can get this error:


To fix this error, you need to find the logon that was trying to access the BAMStarSchema database, in this case ‘NT SERVICE\MSSQLServerOLAPService’ (this is the default account for OLAP in the SQL Install)

Add ‘NT Service\MSSQLServerOLAPService’ as a SQL Logon


Give this account db_datareader for the BAMStarSchema database


Re-Run the BAM Deploy


Problem Fixed

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