Integration Down Under Webcast Launched

Posted: January 22, 2018  |  Categories: API Management Azure BizTalk Cloud Development UserGroup

Martin Abbott, Dan Toomey, Wagner Silveira, Rene Brauwers and myself have decide we need a Australian/New Zealand time zone Integration focused webcast similar to Integration Mondays from the UK.

Out 1st webcast will be February 8th at 8pm ADST to register –

Thanks to SixPivot for providing the GoToWebinar

We will spend some time introducing the leaders of the group and then each person will present a short presentation

Bill Chesnut – API Management REST to SOAP

Martin Abbott – In this session, Martin will walk through the new visual tooling available in Azure Data Factory v2. He’ll look at what you can do, set up source control, install an Integration Runtime for on premises fun, and do a simple data copy to give a flavour of how quick and easy it is to get going.

Wagner Silveira – A Lap around Azure Functions Proxy, Azure Functions Proxy is a simple API Toolkit embedded in Azure Functions, enable quick composition of APIs from various sources. In this lightning talk, Wagner Silveira will show the main features and how to quickly compose an API from various sources.

Dan Toomey – Microsoft recently released the public preview of Azure Event Grid – a hyper-scalable serverless platform for routing events with intelligent filtering. No more polling for events – Event Grid is a reactive programming platform for pushing events out to interested subscribers. Support for massive scalability and minimal latency makes this an ideal solution for a number of scenarios, including monitoring, governance, IoT, or general integration. This talk will demonstrate how easy it is to configure the capture of events with Azure Event Grid.

Rene Brauwers – a reactive integration primer


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